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Director-General: Dragica Bac

Phone: +386 1 369 75 38

Email: dragica.bac(at)


The directorate for disabled deals with matters concerning the position of disabled people, their integration into society, training and employment, and participation in employment programmes. The tasks of the directorate are geared towards development issues of care, training and employment, and other rights of people with disabilities, as well as status and other organisational issues in the area of disabilities.


The basic work in the field of the war invalids, war veterans and victims of war is the development of decisions by bodies of first instance (competent administrative units), with which the claims of clients were positively resolved, and the resolution of appeals against the decisions of bodies of the first instance. Ex officio it tests through audits the legality of decisions issued at the first instance, or the conformity thereof with formal and material law, which can be violated to the benefit or detriment of the client. Audits must be conducted irrespective of whether the client has submitted an appeal against the issued first-instance decision, so the body of first instance must submit every decision recognising or determining some right for audit, which is conducted ex officio by the body of the second instance. Another task in this area is the conclusion of contracts with health spas, enabling the realisation of the right to spa and climatic treatment, and cooperation with and assistance to societies which have been granted the status of a society in the public interest.


The directorate coordinates its field with other sectors in the ministry, especially in the area of social affairs, the labour market, employment and education, and labour and labour rights. It coordinates its work with other external government institutions, professional bodies and organisations in the area of care for people with disabilities.


Project councils have been formed for the employment of the disabled and for development issues in the area of disabilities.