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Director General: Jurij Snoj, M.Sc

Phone: +386 1 369 76 04

E-mail: jurij.snoj(at)



The employment, restructuring and vocational education field covers responsibility for employment policy at home and abroad, unemployment insurance and the provision of grants for vocational education. One of the main tasks in this mandate will be the realisation of the strategic goals of labour market development and employment policy.


These are:

  • raising the level of education and vocational qualifications of the active population;
  • reducing structural distortions, meaning a reduction of the proportion of long-term unemployed people and the proportion of unemployed people with no vocational education;
  • inclusion in active programmes of all young unemployed people who have failed to find new employment within 6 months, and of all others who have failed to find employment within 12 months;
  • reduction of regional differences in the labour market.