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Normally, non-EU nationals may be employed or work in the Republic of Slovenia on the basis of a previously obtained work permit and residence permit.


Exceptions to this rule include:

  • family members of Slovenian citizens;
  • aliens with a permit for permanent residence;
  • refugees;
  • aliens who have obtained the status of a long-term resident in another Member State of the EU after residing in the Republic of Slovenia for one year; and
  • aliens of Slovenian origin up to the third successive generation.


Work permits shall be issued upon an application of the employer for an employment permit or a permit for work enabling an alien to work or be employed by a specific employer – the applicant. In legally stipulated cases a worker may apply for a personal work permit which enables the applicant to freely select the employment, work or employer during the durationterm of the permit.


Work permits are issued by the Employment Service of Slovenia on the basis of the Employment and Work of Aliens Act and ensuing regulations. For more information on types of work permits and terms and conditions governing the issue of permits, please refer to the website of the Employment Service of Slovenia, which also lists work permits application forms, and accompanying  documents.


Additional information:
Employment Service of Slovenia

Office for Employment of Aliens

Dunajska 20, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
phone: +386 1 300 49 40, +386 1 300 49 41
fax: +386 1 300 49 478
e-mail: tujci(at)


Slovenska 55, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
phone: +386 1 472 64 60, +386 41 659 228
fax: +386 1 472 64 66
e-mail: info-tujci(at)