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Minister Marjeta Cotman presented the Presidency's achievements in the field of employment and social affairs before the EP


At the conclusion of the Slovenian Presidency, Minister Marjeta Cotman presented the Presidency's achievements in the field of employment and social affairs before the EU Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council in the European Parliament.


The Presidency's motto concerning employment and social affairs is "A Europe that invests in people is building its future". Taking this as our basic starting point, the Slovenian Presidency, within the framework of a number of events and activities, conducted European debates: 1) on flexicurity, 2) on employment of young people, and 3) on meeting demographic challenges.


As part of the European debate on flexicurity, we organised an informal meeting of ministers responsible for employment and social affairs in Slovenia in January, where we tackled the issue of implementation of the common principles of flexicurity in practice. The Slovenian Presidency has also contributed its share to the European debate on the employment of young people and on demographic challenges. Young people today need security and stability in order to make full use their potentials and contribute to social development. We have also focused on intergenerational solidarity as a precondition for the sustainable development of every society.


The minister also informed the Committee about the Presidency's achievements in the legislative field, political consent reached with respect to the Directive on certain aspects of working time organisation, as well as the Directive on working conditions of temporary agency workers.

The European Parliament Committee on Women's Rights and Gender Equality invited the ministers of Germany, Portugal and Slovenia to the meeting where the activities and results of the Presidency Trio in the area of gender equality were presented. As regards equal opportunity, the Slovenian Presidency has pursued the goals and priorities of the European Pact for Gender Equality, the Roadmap for Equality between Women and Men (2006–2010) and the Lisbon Strategy.

At the same time, the Slovenian Presidency has continued to fulfil the commitments set forth in the Trio Presidency Declaration (Germany, Portugal, Slovenia) "Towards Gender Equality in the European Union" and "Towards Gender Equality in the European Union – in relation to the Lisbon Strategy".


The Slovenian Presidency has set as its priorities the elimination of gender stereotypes in society, the participation of women in society and the strengthening of their role and status, and has carried on the process of monitoring the implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action. Within this process, a report was prepared and the girl-child indicators developed, and a report on women in political decision-making drafted. By defining the common priority guidelines, the cooperation in the Presidency Trio with Germany and Portugal provided the continuity and greater visibility of the political process in the area of gender equality.

The achievements in the 18-month period will be written into the final document of the Presidency Trio, which will be signed on the margins of the meeting by the state secretaries of the Trio States and will serve as an example of good practice in the cooperation of the presiding states.


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