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Minister of Labour, Family and Social Affairs attends Luxembourg EPSCO meeting

Today, 8 June 2009, the Minister of Labour, Family and Social Affairs, Dr Ivan Svetlik, attended the meeting of the Employment, Social Policy and Health and Consumer Affairs Council (EPSCO). During a working lunch entitled "After Lisbon 2010", at which the ministers informally exchanged views on the future of the Lisbon Strategy, the Slovenian minister presented two central topics in this area, namely the new intergenerational contract and the quality of work. 

Within the framework of the June European Council preparations, the ministers held a public policy debate on three scopes of issues organised by the Czech Presidency. In his speech, Minister Svetlik presented measures for mitigating the adverse effects of the crisis in the domain of the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs, in particular those measures aimed at maintaining working posts. In order to curb unemployment and maintain existing working posts, Slovenia has adopted the Partially Subsidizing Full-Time Work Act and the Partial Reimbursement of Payment Compensation Act. Both acts have been adopted as a result of cooperation with other social partners.

Regarding inclusion in the labour market, Minister Svetlik specifically stressed the increase in funds for active employment policy programmes. This measure is intended to help the unemployed secure employment more quickly and acquire the necessary skills required by the labour market. 

At the end of his presentation and with regard to new job creation, Dr Svetlik pointed out that the new jobs were related to higher economic growth, which in turn is dependent on overcoming the financial crunch and on restoring confidence in financial and economic factors.