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State Secretary Dr Anja Kopač Mrak, on 16 June in Genève, at the plenary session of the 98th International Conference

State Secretary at the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs Dr Anja Kopač Mrak attended, on 16 June 2009,the plenary session of the 98th International Labour Organisation Conference in Genève.


The Conference was held upon the word economic crises. In this regards State Secretary Kopač Mrak emphasised the meaning of the International Labour Organisation and the values Organisation promotes and defends. She presented the measures and coordinated solutions Slovenia has taken in order to mitigate the effects of the economics crises. She presented two interventional acts that were accepted. The first act enables companies to subsidise shorter working hours and the second, longer waiting periods for work when companies are faced with a shortage of orders. These measures allow an employer to respond quickly and without redundancies caused due shortage in orders, and on the other hand, allows employees to keep their employment. To reduce the negative effects of the crisis, Slovenia also increased the sources for the active employment policy, especially for programmes for achieving new skills and higher qualifications of workers.


The State Secretary stressed that the crisis cannot be an excuse for the undue reduction of worker rights. Thus the constant wish to social justice should be pursued and rights of workers should be granted.


The plenary session was the final event of 98th Ordinary session of the International Labour Organisation Conference that was held from 3 to 19 June 2009. Within this Conference the Report of the President of the Administrative Council of the International Labour Office and director general of the International Labour Office, and the Global report on Declaration on fundamental principles of the International Labour Organization were discussed. Along with that Proposal of the program and budget planning for the period 2010-2011 and other financial questions, information and reports on the execution of the conventions and recommendation, preparation of the independent reports on AIDS in the field on employment and determination of the standards, and gender equalities were put on the table.


Slovenian delegations consisted of government representatives, trade union representatives and employers.


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