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Minister Dr Svetlik: OECD recommendations help us estimate the suitability of the proposed measures

Minister of labour, family and social affairs Dr Ivan Svetlik attended the Conference on the occasion of the presentation of »The Economic Survey of Slovenia« and reacted on the recommendations stated in the report. In this regards, Minister presented measures Slovenian government has introduced to mitigate the impact of the global economics and financial crises.


Minister Dr Svetlik stressed that current economics and financial situation should not be the excuse for prolonging political discussions about the necessary reforms. It is essential to continue with the planned structural changes that will lead the way out of the recession and consolidate the path of developmental changes.


Secretary General of the OECD Angel Gurria, who also attended the meeting, agreed that bad times is never right for taking big decisions but added that the crises is the opportunity for changes.


Minister Dr Svetlik pointed out that Slovenia tends to changes that will have the positive long term effect along with the short term measures that will mitigate the impact of the economic and financial crises that mainly effected the most vulnerable social classes.  In order to enhance the employment especially within the youth active labour market programmes were boosted.
According to the Minister Dr Svetlik, long term measures aiming further consolidation are planned. In this regard he welcomed the recommendation of the OECD and marked them as good guidelines. Minister Dr Svetlik emphasized that all legislation acts concerning the labour market were decided in consensus of social partners. They will follow this practice in the future.
Beside Minister Dr Svetlik and Secretary General Gurria addresses were made also by conference host Minister Mitja Gaspari and Minister Dr Franc Križanič.



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