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Minister Dr Ivan Svetlik attended the Informal meeting of ministers for employment and social affairs in Jönköpingu, Sweden

Minister Dr Ivan Svetlik attended the Informal meeting of ministers for employment and social affairs. Meeting was held on 8 and 9 June in Jönköping, Sweden. The main theme of the informal meeting was the facilitating access to labour market in the period after Lisbon 2010, which is also one of the priorities of the Swedish presidency in this area. 


As Swedish presidency focused on the measures for minimising the negative impacts of the global economics and financial crisis on employment it also highlighted the importance of the question of permanent exclusion from the labour market and inclusion of those that were excluded before the crisis. 


In this regards Minister Dr Svetlik presented three inevitable policy directions aiming to facilitate the mobility of workers from declining to expanding sectors:


Firstly, he emphasised the importance of improving links between educational system and labour market. Minister claimed that Slovene Government has conducted well accepted awareness raising campaign to inform young people in schools about deficit occupations and deficit studies. The result is slight shift of student, enrolled in technical and nature science studies. According to Minister Svetlik, more scholarships should be provided in expanding sector as a good preventive measure.


Secondly, Minister stated that upgrading skills through life long learning is the best way for improving employability of individual. In Slovenia, the Lifelong Career Orientation Project establishes a national coordination point with the aim of increasing the participation of individuals in all periods of life at any point of their carrier.


Further, Slovenia is trying to find the appropriate balance between flexibility needed for better functioning of the labour market and security of individual through constructive tripartite social dialogue.


Minister Dr Svetlik stressed that coordinated employment, education and training policies based on systematic assessment of future labour market needs should be in the forefront of the labour market reforms.