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International Youth Day

Today, on the occasion of International Youth Day, the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs said that it would continue to improve the position of young people through a variety of measures and transfers.
In 1999, the United Nations General Assembly declared 12 August International Youth Day with a view to giving young people a day on which they can, in particular, draw attention to their roles, rights, duties and the problems they encounter in today's society. The Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs is aware of the exceptional importance of young people and of their contribution to the knowledge-based society, and would like to take this opportunity to stress that, with its policies, it will continue to improve the position of young people.
To facilitate access to employment for young people, the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs has initiated many active employment policy programmes and other measures to promote the employment of young people. It has adopted legislation introducing benefits for employers who employ young people and benefits for employers who offer substitute employment for employees who are on child care leave.
This year, with the amended Scholarship Act, we will provide scholarships for more young people, since we have changed the means test for obtaining a state scholarship. The Act also provides for the co-financing of company scholarships. We are also examining further opportunities for improvement in this area.
With a view to improving employment opportunities for graduates and increasing their competitiveness in the labour market, we have prepared measures to enable training for graduating students in the workplace and subsidies for the employment of graduates. The project is entitled "Graduating student – be active and find employment!" The programme aims to stimulate graduating students to actively seek opportunities to develop the knowledge and skills necessary for them to enter the labour market more easily and to promote employment of graduates by offering subsidies for full-time employment for a period of six months. As part of the active employment policy, young people also undertake training in the workplace to gain appropriate work experience and make use of subsidised employment through advertisements of vacancies published by the Employment Service of Slovenia – the project "".
We will continue to facilitate access to employment by taking appropriate measures, creating incentives and raising the awareness of employers about the benefits of employing young people.
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