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The Government agreed the draft Act on ratification of the Agreement amending the Agreement on social security between Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Agreement on Social Security between the Republic of Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina came into force on 1 July 2008. During its implementation, Article 5 proved to be problematic. This Article regulates unemployment benefits and states that benefits can only be paid if a worker has permanent residence in Slovenia, which is stricter than our national legislation, EU legislation as well as most other bilateral agreements with countries in the territory of former Yugoslavia which state permanent or temporary residence as the relevant condition. This puts workers from Bosnia and Herzegovina in an unequal position compared not only to Slovenian workers, but also to most foreign workers employed in the Republic of Slovenia.


The revisions of the mentioned article will enable unemployment benefits as well as funeral and death grants to also be paid to persons or for persons with a temporary residence permit who were insured for such a risk whilst they were employed in the Republic of Slovenia.


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