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Assisting workers without permanent residence visas

The Government instructed the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs to provide a minimum income to foreign workers in social distress who are not eligible to receive statutory social security benefits. For this purpose, the Government will allocate EUR 300,000.00.


In accordance with Article 98 of the Social Security Act, the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs will transfer the money, to humanitarian organisations, which will collaborate with social work centres to ensure that the money is received by the workers in need.


According to information provided by social work centres, the Government estimates the number of foreign workers in social distress at some 600–700. The minimum monthly amount to guarantee their welfare is EUR 229.00, which they should receive for at least two months.


In accordance with the current legislation, Slovenia is unable to provide social benefits to foreigners not having permanent residence in Slovenia, but pursuant to the Social Security Act, it may allocate financial assistance to humanitarian organisations which transfer the funds to foreign workers.