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Modernisation of the pension insurance system was rejected on referendum

Slovenian citizens on Sunday, 5th June 2011, rejected the implementation of pension reform on a referendum. Through the reform that the National Assembly finally adopted on 23 December 2010, the government has sought to gradually raise the retirement age for both genders at 65 years, to prevent further decline of the amount of pensions and provide a gradual increase of pensions for future pensioners and maintain inter-generational solidarity and the stability of the pension system. A key reason for changes to the pension system was the intense population aging. The ratio between workers and retirees in Slovenia fell from 1.8 to 1.6 since 2000 and further decreases. Fall of pension reform on the referendum means that the National Assembly will not be allowed to adopt a law that would be contrary to the will expressed in the referendum in one year.

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