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Minister Dr. Ivan Svetlik attended the 100th Session of the International Labour Conference

On 13th June 2011 Minister of Labour, Family and Social Affairs Dr. Ivan Svetlik attended the 100th Session of the International Labour Conference. On the Conference were discussed the report of the Director-General: A new era of social justice, Global Report under the follow-up to the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, program and budget proposals for 2012 and 2013, reports on the Application of Conventions and Recommendations, working standards that will provide decent work for domestic workers - because of the nature of their work they are often excluded from other documents, the labor market institutions and labor inspection, as well the debate on the strategic objectives of social protection under the amendment in the ILO Declaration on Social Justice for Fair Globalisation in 2008 was re-opened.


Minister Svetlik spoke on the plenary session of the Conference and emphasized that it is many years since our society last faced such serious challenges as it is facing today and that the data show rising social and economic imbalances and inequalities in our societies. That is why he sugested that the capacity of the ILO has to be enhanced: "We must further strengthen international labour standards, build a social protection floor for the most vulnerable and ensure the effective implementation of adopted standards in practice.". 
"The Government of the Republic of Slovenia," he said "is making every effort to tackle the social impact of the recent economic and financial crisis." But the increased pressure on social expenditure is difficult to sustain. So a key challenge for labour-market and social policy is to facilitate and encourage employment growth and accept the structural challenges facing all welfare states. "It is important to reach a broad social consensus about the inevitability of structural changes, even when these seem unfavourable at first sight," added minister Svetlik. It is the responsibility of governments, employers and trade unions alike not to compromise the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Governments must maintain a primary responsibility for ensuring social protection for most vulnerable, also said minister Svetlik and assured that Slovenian government will strive to strengthen the social partnership and further support the values and policies laid down by the International Labour Organisation.

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