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At the informal meeting ministers discussed active employment policy and intergenerational solidarity


Director General for Employment Damjana Kosir on 7th and 8th July in Sopot attended the Informal meeting of EU Ministers for Employment and Social Affairs, prepared by the Polish presidency. Themes of plenary meetings were an active employment policy and intergenerational solidarity, themes of workshops were different aspects of demographic challenges.


The debate on active employment policy was focused on the effectiveness of this measure and consequently the impact it has on long-term job security. The debate on intergenerational solidarity was besed on the aging population as one of the most important challenges in the EU Member States, which therefore requires new approaches and new forms of cooperation at European level.


General Director Damjana Kosir outlined novelties of Labour Market Regulation Act, which introduces the possibilitis for temporary employment agencies and lifelong guidance. In relation to long-term unemployment she highlighted the importance of the social entrepreneurship and programs under European Social Fund. In the debate on intergenerational solidarity, the general director stressed the importance of the so-called social consensus or joint responsibility of the government, social partners and civil society for the future sustainable social development.


The second day of the informal meeting was held the workshop on various aspects of demographic challenges, in terms of balancing family and work life, necessity of pension reform and intergenerational solidarity. The workshop was led by Members of the current trio presidencies (Poland, Denmark, Cyprus). Head of the Slovenian delegation presented a number of legislative and other measures, which are known in Slovenia for the reconciliation of work and family life, and specifically highlighted the project a family-friendly company.


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