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Minister of Labour, Family and Social Affairs Andrej Vizjak outlined the priorities of his ministry

The first priority of the ministry are activities related to the full implementation of social legislation. Labelling the legislation as good, Minister Vizjak said that the legislation prevented the hoarding of individual rights and fixed anomalies which enabled exploitation of social transfers.

The ministry's second priority was an overhaul of the employment relationships act, the minister said, pointing to concepts of flexicurity and the establishment of a severance pay fund. Minister Vizjak said he expected the government to adopt the changes by the end of the year.


Next on the list was the pension reform. Minister said the government would pick and choose from the proposals which were rejected at last year's referendum, as certain parts of the reform were good. He explained the contentious points of the reform would be approached differently.

Patricia Čular, state secretary at the ministry, explained that a strategic goals of the Labour Market and Employment Directorate included promoting employment, especially among young and older people. She added that the employers needed to be encouraged to enable the transfer of knowledge from older to younger employees.


State secretary also announced investment in employee development, an overhaul of the Employment Service, and adaptation of the active employment policies to meet the needs of businesses, including boosting of public works, workplace training and self-employment.