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Social Partners Sign the Guidelines for the Social Contract 2012–2016

Social partners signed the guidelines for the social contract. This is the start of negotiations on the content of the new social contract for period 2012–2016, which are expected to end on 20 June 2012 with the adoption of the final text of the contract.

The social partners concluded the agreement on the guidelines for drafting the social contract in order to reach the broadest possible consensus on the aims of our common development, the necessary steps to overcome the crisis and the solutions leading to a welfare state for all.


They agreed to involve representatives of the younger generation and pensioners in searching for solutions to the issues that affect them, so that the social contract will finally enjoy the widest possible intergenerational consensus.


Such a wide consensus is of exceptional importance if Slovenia is to effectively confront the financial and economic crisis, which can only be achieved by cooperation and a constant search for a balance between the welfare state and the market economy. The social partners believe that solutions are to be sought in the framework of the entire system and not ad hoc.


After the signing, the Minister of Labour, Family and Social Affairs, Andrej Vizjak, stressed that the guidelines are important since Slovenia will have to face far-reaching systemic changes to the labour market, the pension and health care system, etc. He expressed his regret that some of the unions did not sign the agreement as well as his hope that the deadline would nevertheless stay the same and that the contract would finally be concluded on 20 June 2012.