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The European Regional Meeting of the ILO brings together Government, Employer and Worker representatives of the 51 countries of the region every four years

Organized in collaboration with the Government of the Kingdom of Norway, the European Regional Meeting provides an opportunity for tripartite representatives of the 51 countries of the European and Central Asian Region to share their experiences and to discuss the response to the economic and jobs crisis in the region, looking at levels of social protection, social dialogue and the application of labour law.
The Ninth European Regional Meeting has opened on 8 April 2013. The first session of the Meeting brought together Heads of State or Government and Heads of Agencies, to discuss the topic of How to tackle the consequences of the financial crisis, with Europe at the centre of the crisis. This panel was certainly one of the highlights of the Regional Meeting. In the evening of the same day, an Informal Labour Ministerial Meeting, with the involvement of the European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, was held to discuss the issue of Youth employment in the crisis.
On Tuesday, a high-level tripartite panel brought together the International Monetary Fund, the European Commission and the Director General of the ILO to discuss the issue of Recovery from crisis – Coherent policies for growth and jobs. Session was followed by a tripartite panel with the participation of selected Ministers of Labour and Finance and also of the European Commissioner for Employment, Inclusion and Social Affairs. The topic for discussion was Job-rich growth and quality jobs. Parallel thematic panels were then held discussing the core themes of the Director-General’s Report around the issues of Shaping policies for job-rich growth and Promoting quality jobs through effective social dialogue and collective bargaining.
On Wednesday parallel thematic panels are taking place on Tackling the youth employment crisis and the challenges of the ageing society and Promoting international labour standards and policy coherence in Europe and Central Asia, respectively.
Tomorrow, the Meeting is expected to adopt its report and conclusions as well as any possible resolutions, after which the closing ceremony will take place.