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Damjana Košir, DG in Madrid at a preparatory meeting for the round table on promoting youth employment in Europe

Director-General Damjana Košir is attending today in Madrid a preparatory meeting for the round table on promoting youth employment in Europe, which will be in Berlin on the third of July. The main purpose of the meeting is to exchange views on the issue of youth employment and development of a strategy for job creation, with emphasis on youth employment.


The objective of the preparatory meeting is also the preparation of the joint declaration of the ministers, that highlights effective measures to implement the Youth Guarantee, which will be adopted at a meeting of the ministers in Berlin on the 3rd July. Participants also discussed Member States's proposals of the measures that could be put into practice at EU level to improve the situation of young people on the labor market, to initiate their employment.

Slovenia particularly highlighted the persistence to be entitled to funds from the Initiative for Youth Employment and presented efforts in formulating policies for promoting youth employment.