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Minister Anja Kopač Mrak today on a visit to the Podravje region

Minister Anja Kopač Mrak and State Secretary Dejan Levanič joined government's visit to the Podravje region around Ptuj and Maribor on Friday (21th June).

After governmental working meeting in the morning Kopač Mrak and Levanič met the management of the implementing organizations: Tomaž Žirovnik, the director of regional office of the Employment Service of Slovenija Ptuj, Ido Jurgec, the director of the Institute Dornava, Kristina Dokl, the director of Residential homesfor the elderly Ptuj and with Danijela Jurgec, the Deputy Director of the Social Work Center Ptuj. They discussed the current problem in their working field.


In the afternoon the minister continued hervisit at theregional officeof the Employment Service of Slovenia (ESS) in Maribor. There she met with the heads oflocal offices ESS and the Director of Social Work Center MariborJožefTivadar. They also discussed the current social situation in the region.


At the end of the visit at Podravje and Maribor the Minister also visited a crisis center for victims of domestic violence and talked with the management. In the conversation she stressed that perpetrators of violenceagainst womenmust not go unpunished.


At a press conference at the end of the governmental visit she presented Slovenian measures to reduce youth unemployment.