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Commisioner Andor: European Commision support Slovenian efforts for structural reforms

Minister of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities dr. Anja Mrak Mrak ahead of today's meeting of Ministers of the EU, responsible for Equal Opportunities, held in Brussels, met the European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion László Andor. They discussed current issues concerning Slovenia and the EU, among other things the political situation in the EU, the Youth Guarantee, the social dimension of EMU and the indicators to be proposed.


The Commissioner stressed that the European Commison supports Slovenian efforts for structural reforms, mainly needed due to demographic changesandan aging population.TheMinister Kopač Mrak and the Commissioner Andor also agreed that thekey problem inSlovenia is a banking system, not reformsin the area of​​the Ministry ofLabour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities.

In the afternoon,the Minister Kopač Mrak met ministers of theEU Member Statesresponsible forequal opportunities. They establisha European networkof Ministers forGender Equality, which shouldcontinue toact asa forumfor the exchange ofexperience and good practice. The network would also play a leading rolein promotingequal opportunities policiesboth at European andat global level.At theroundtable, the ministersdiscussedon equalparticipation of womeninsociety, includingin decision-makingin politicsand the economy,the ways and meansforgenuineautonomyof women, combating violenceagainst women andthe fight againstsexism.