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Kopač Mrak: Council Compromise on Posted Workers is a good basis for negotiations in the EU Parliament

Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities Minister Anja Kopač Mrak welcomed Monday's agreement in Brussels on the enforcement directive on posting of workers. Kopač Mrak said the compromise, aimed primarily at curbing abuse in the construction sector, was a good basis for the next round of negotiations in the European Parliament. "Although Slovenia wanted more protection for posted workers we were nevertheless happy with the outcome of the negotiations," said Kopač Mrak after today's meeting of EU ministers in charge of employment, social policy, health and consumer protection in Brussels,


The new EU rules aim to improve the implementation of the posted workers
directive from 1996. The rules apply to companies posting workers to
temporary jobs abroad (quarter of these are in the construction sector) and
define fundamental principles such as minimum wage, working time and rules
associated with workplace health and safety.


The negotiations between the European Parliament and the member states are
expected to be concluded by May next year.

(author: STA)