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Promoting employment among the unemployed under 30

At today’s session the Government of the Republic of Slovenia approved the decision for the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities to begin implementing "The First Challenge 2014" before the operational programme for implementing the European Cohesion Policy in the 2014-2020 period is approved by the European Commission.

The programme seeks to provide full-time jobs for 3,176 young unemployed people for at least 15 months, including a three-month trial period. Over 20 million euros have been allocated to this end.


Considering the pending issue of resolving youth unemployment in the most affected regions of the EU and the EU as a whole, an initiative to employ youth has been established which is financed from specific allocations and target investments of the European Social Fund.


The programme is part of the Youth Guarantee approved by the Government in January, and which was presented to the European Commission in February. The response of the Commission was positive, particularly highlighting the expansion of the target group of the Youth Guarantee to include those up to 29 years of age, the cooperation of young people on drafting measures, and great stress on preventive and systematic measures which will have long-term synergetic effects on the position of the young in the labour market. The Commission also called on Slovenia to begin implementing programmes financed from the Initiative as soon as possible.


In agreement with youth representatives we have decided not to fragment the funds available under the Initiative, but use them for a measure that addresses the crucial problem that the young face in the labour market in East Slovenia: finding their first job after completing their education. Within the First Challenge 2014 programme, employers will receive subsidies for employing first-time job seekers.


The programme seeks to promote employment among the young unemployed under 30, which will enable them to be integrated into the work environment and improve their job prospects. An additional aim of the programme is to contribute to achieving fast and stable employment among the target group and reduce the disparity between supply and demand in the labour market.


The goals are to stop the negative trend of youth unemployment by implementing Youth Guarantee, including the Initiative, already this year, and to achieve a reversal in 2015, reducing the number of unemployed among the young, so that more young people have jobs.