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The Prime Minister and cabinet ministers join the #HeForShe campaign

One of the significant ways to strengthen gender equality policy is to encourage men to join and support efforts for greater gender equality.

The labour minister, Anja Kopač Mrak, urged other members of the cabinet to join the #HeForShe global campaign and thereby support and express their solidarity with the effort to achieve gender equality and the idea of the urgent need for an alliance between men and women. “I welcome the support of colleagues who promote a stronger gender equality policy by joining the #HeForShe campaign.” The issue of promoting and strengthening gender equality was also discussed in the National Assembly today.

#HeForShe campaign was initiated against the backdrop of the UN General Assembly in September and is intended to mobilise men to participate more actively in various efforts to achieve gender equality as allies and promoters of change, such as in fighting violence against women. It is a global campaign, in which men express solidarity and support to gender equality goals. According to one of its leading researchers, Raewyn Connell, it is not enough to change the institutions of a system, we also have to change ourselves – women and men.