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Aid for refugees to be provided through public work

The Minister of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, Anja Kopač Mrak, presented a public work programme entitled "Assistance in the Management of Migration Flows", which was prepared by the Ministry in collaboration with the Employment Service and the Administration for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief.

Priority for participation in the programme will be given to the long-term unemployed, persons older than 50 and volunteers who are already volunteering at reception and accommodation centres and are registered as long-term unemployed with the Employment Service. The first unemployed will be referred to participate in the programme by the Employment Service towards the end of this week, or early next week at the latest. A total of 260 public workers are expected to be hired. The Employment Service has already interviewed most of the candidates, who will begin to relieve the volunteers currently working in the field following the signature of employment contracts on Tuesday or Wednesday.


Social Work Centres are also providing support with their emergency services, which are activated on request by the Administration for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief and are tasked with taking care of the relatives of hospitalised refugees, providing psychosocial support, helping refugees find their relatives, taking care of children who are left without any relatives, assisting in the preparation and distribution of food, the provision of accommodation and care, etc.


According to the Minister, Social Work Centres have also been instructed to look into possibilities for including recipients of financial social assistance in the provision of aid to refugees.  Volunteers will be included on the basis of an invitation and collaboration with the Slovene Philanthropy.


To ensure the proper implementation of protection, rescue and relief activities and the provision of assistance to refugees and migrants in the Republic of Slovenia, the Ministry has also financially backed a project to establish volunteer coordinators in collaboration with the Slovene Philanthropy, providing funds in the amount of €80,000.00 for a period of 2 months.