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Government’s measures in the labour market

Almost 71 thousand people newly employed in 2015.

The Government of the Republic of Slovenia was familiarised with the report on the implementation of measures on the labour market in 2015. The report contains information about the labour market measures implemented in 2015, measures planned for the current year, achievement of the European employment policy goals, and a summary of already completed measures and programmes


In 2015, 70,971 of unemployed persons found employment. The effectiveness of the Slovenian Employment Service in referring the unemployed to newly opened positions is attained through the organisation of meetings between employers and employment seekers. Greater efficiency in the Slovenian Employment Service referring the unemployed to open job positions was also achieved through the employer offices, which are set up at every regional Service office. With the purpose of encouraging employment of the unemployed persons, consultants working at these employer offices realised 12% more visits in 2015 than in the year before.



Active Employment Policy:


In 2015, the Active Employment Policy programmes included almost 23,000 people. In 2015, special attention was also dedicated to encouraging employment with young people, long-term unemployed, and those who receive social welfare.


So far, €60.6 million of funds from the budget of the Republic of Slovenia and the EU budget was spent on the Active Employment Policy programmes. In 2015, the entire value of funds available for the Policy was lower than in 2014, mostly due to the fact that most Policy programmes which were co-financed from the EU Social Fund were financially concluded in 2015 without new inclusions, while the drawing of funds from the new financial perspective for the 2014–2020 period had not completely started yet. From this perspective, the year 2015 was quite specific.


In 2016, there were considerably more funds available for Active Employment Policy programmes. On 21st January 2016, the Government adopted the Active Employment Policy Measures Implementation Plan for 2016 and 2017, which defines the framework for funds available for the Policy programmes in 2016, amounting to €100.2 million.