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New family law passed

The National Assembly passed a new family law which transfers decision-making in custody cases from social services to courts.

The coalition majority has passed with a 54-25 majority in the National Assembly a new family law. Replacing a piece of legislation that was originally passed in 1976 and defined the family as a community of children and parents, the new law centres the definition of family around the child.


It defines the family as a community of a child, regardless of their age, with one or both parents or another adult person if that person cares for the child and has certain responsibilities or rights toward the child.


The law transfers decision-making on measures concerning the child's care and well-being to district courts, which comes in the aftermath of protests over a prominent child custody case.


It also introduces systemic regulation of aid for the family with the Minister for Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities AnjaKopač Mrak underscoring the focus on the child and protection of the
child's benefits.