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New Minister for work, family, social affairs and equal opportunities Ksenija Klampfer made an oath of office in the National Assembly

Ksenija Klampfer was born on 27th of July 1976. After finishing the primary school she attended Prva gimnazija Celje, and later enrolled to study law at Univeristy of Maribor, where she got her MA in the field of european administrative law.

After finishing her university studies she began working at the Administrative unit Slovenske Konjice. There she, among other things, led the department for internal affairs for 8 years. In 2015 she became Head of Administrative Unit Maribor. From October 2017 till April 2018 she was State Secretary at the Ministry of Public Administration. She also works as a lecturer at Administration Academy and is a member of Research network for administrative law, which works under the auspices of European Union. In her more than a decade long career in civil service she got an in depth insight of the workings of public systems, she gained competences in the field of management and governing of human and financial resources, and she learned that with the right measure of determination and fast responding it is possible to solve even the hardest conflict situations. 


She is currently improving her knowledge with a doctoral study of European administrative law at University of Ljubljana. She passed the state lawyers' examination.