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Project "Barnahus/Children's house"

Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities is cooperating in a common project of the European Commission and the Council of Europe called "Barnahus/Children's house, which is being led in Slovenia by the Ministry of Justice. The project will establish a Barnahus or Children's house for child victims of sexual abuse.

Today, the minister mag. Ksenija Klampfer signed a pledge that the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities will continue to cooperate in this important project, together with other stakeholders.


The minister added that, "Social Work Centres will continue to do all in their capabilities, so that they will respond quickly to information about child vulnerabilty in their local environment, and that they will provide immediate protectio to children". She also expressed satisfaction at the fact that we are building a foundation for a great leap towards better, child-friendly justice system, and that by doing this we are improving even more the protection of rights of children. 


Current criminal proceedings for suspicion of sexual abuse take a long time and are stressful for victims. Children are interviewed multiple times by a psychologist, prosecutor, social workers, doctors, etc. This carries a risk for retraumatisation and victimisation of child victims. Project Barnahus/Children's house provides treatment, which prevents retraumatisation and revictimisation. The Barnahus treatment has been proven to work and enables victims to process the traumatic events, so they can have a full and happy life. 


In Slovenia we provide a high level of protection to children's rights. Slovenia proposed in 2011 for November 18th to be declared an European Day on the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse. Our proposal was accepted in 2015. In the last couple of years we have also implemented steps to provide a better protection to children's rights: we implemented the changes to the Domestic Violence Prevention Act, and we implemented Family Code, which modernises measures for child protection within families.