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Slovenia is progressing at child rights

In the past days a new KidsRights Index was published, this index is made by international organisation KidsRights and Erasmus University Rotterdam. The yearly report shows which countries are best at adhering and improving child...

Unemployment rate in Slovenia steadily declining

Unemployment rate has been steadily declining since 2015 (the graph above shows data since the second quarter of 2015). From 9,2% of unemployed citizens in Q2 2015 we have seen a drop to 5,9% in Q1 2018. 

The Child Well-Being Index (CWI)

The objective of the project is to develop and visualise a Child Well-Being Index with the aim of simplifying monitoring of child well-being and their quality of life. The index’s design and choice of its domains follow the latest...

Slovenia tops the list in a report by the international charity Save the Children

Slovenia and Norway have been declared the best countries for children to live in in a report by the international charity Save the Children, assessing the heath and well-being of children around the world.

New family law passed

The National Assembly passed a new family law which transfers decision-making in custody cases from social services to courts.

Same-sex partnership act implemented

Formal equality of gay couples was passed in April 2016. The same-sex partnership act was deferred by nine months when it entered into force on 24 May 2016.

Domestic violence prevention Act bans corporal punishment of children

The National Assembly passed amendments to the Family Violence Prevention Act aimed to better protect victims of domestic violence and improve the work of state institutions in such cases. In a bid to crack down on domestic...